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Every business requires general stationery, almost certainly copying, and very likely marketing and promotional material. This requirement grows in volume and complexity as the business grows, and it is inevitable that this kind of organic growth involves amendments, compromise, inconsistency and, ultimately, inefficiency.

It may even be that each department takes on responsibility for its own stationery and printing requirements which can lead to discounts on volume supply being missed, or it could be centralized with either inexperienced staff being overwhelmed by demand or old hands who ignore new sources because they don’t appreciate the cost and efficiency savings offered by new technology.

All of these situations involve waste, but they also represent every business with hidden opportunities for making big economies. In times like these, no business can afford to ignore the chance to cut costs, yet research shows that less than 10% of companies ever take an objective view of their printing and copying procurement.

If your company is going to be in that small number making big financial savings from a rationalized production and ordering system - Call in Streamline.
... we WILL cut your costs down to size!