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That is what Streamline delivers. As the only consultancy of its kind in the West Country we save money on stationery, printing and copying costs for almost any company, regardless of size.

We do it by meticulous research of your real requirements and true in house costs and current procedures. We bring these to the surface and use our many years of experience to look for potential savings. We are always mindful that there must be no resulting loss of quality of product or service. We can then present a detailed recommendation for a rationalized system which we will then implement with your staff. You will be able to engage with your staff and demonstrate that just because “it has always been done that way” does not mean that there aren’t better ways to do things which, ultimately, benefit everyone and the company as a whole.

Streamline has already cut costs by up to 32% and improved quality for more than 30 companies throughout the UK.

If your company is going to be in that small number making big financial savings from a rationalized production and ordering system - Call in Streamline.
... we WILL cut your costs down to size!